The UK Urban Ecology Forum is a member of UN HABITAT Global Stakeholder Forum

The UK Urban Ecology Forum is a network of people, including ecologists, artists, managers, planners and researchers, involved with the environment and nature conservation in urban areas.

Its distinctive contribution to this goal is integrated thinking.

It seeks to raise awareness; stimulate research; influence policy; improve the design and management of urban systems and push urban nature conservation up the social and political agenda.

Members of the UK Urban Ecology Forum come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from ecologists to academics and journalists, from NGOs to local authorities, government agencies and private consultancies, from those primarily concerned with conserving “nature” – plants, wildlife, biodiversity – to those who work with people and deal with the human impact of green space.

How can we help you?

Our expertise and experience is at your disposal. Partnership working is essential to deliver our aims of creating a better world with nature at its heart.

With the support of Natural England and contributions from our own members, we sent five representatives to the World Urban Forum in February 2020 to represent the UK and learn lessons from projects run by UN Habitat partners.

We were able to showcase work from the UK. Our delegates attended dozens of presentations and met hundreds of people from around the world all working to improve their communities and countries through sustainable development with a focus on people and nature.

These ranged from transforming African settlements by an organisation created by people who described themselves as slum dwellers; to the Colombian city council that reclaimed its streets from Drug Lords using nature based solutions; and how Barcelona has created people places by banning vehicles from whole city blocks to create spaces for people. All worked with Sustainable Development Goals.

Which SDG’s can you help deliver?


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"Bringing Local Authorities around the global table, is one of the ways that the @UN will show progress in having constance with model on universal rights with the people of the world"

🗨️Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi, SG @UCLGAfrica

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