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2020 January Joanne TippettCarbon Landscapes. Less than an hour cycling out of central Manchester along the Bridgewater Canal takes you into a green and blue landscape. It only becomes clear that this is a post-industrial area when the infrastructure of a coalfield pithead rises up behind the trees. Further along the canal you encounter attractive lakes and could not guess by looking that these were created by subsidence due to coal mining. Other areas are characterized by peat bogs, which have been the object of extensive extraction, but now with restoration underway, are providing habitat for a range of species — and sequestering carbon and mitigating flooding.

2020 January David HaleySEA20 An Oceanic Awakening. Urbanisation continues to accelerate. Growing cities demand more and more resources. The logistics chain is under pressure. Environmental concerns now take centre stage. Sustainable infrastructure is now the top priority for cities. The modern cities challenges can be solved at sea. This study exposes how better co-operation between maritime actors, public authorities, and urban planners and thinkers can spark the revolution necessary to solve the critical challenges we face today. Together, we can build a sustainable infrastructure that will not only benefit ourselves, but the whole planet for generations to come.
2019 October David HaleyThe Nature of Cities report. In many countries reporting in this Roundtable, the idea of "environmental care" permeates people’s lives & everyday actions—a lived concept. Does the Western concept of environmental stewardship arise only when the environment becomes visibly degraded?
2018 JuneNigel LawsonIrwell Management Catchment: Natural Capital Account and Ecosystem Services Opportunities Mapping Natural Course Launching the outputs from its Natural Capital Account and Ecosystem Services and Opportunity Mapping Study for the Irwell Management Catchment at a dissemination and training workshop held on 23rd April in Manchester. The report (PDF, 2000KB) provides compelling evidence that the natural environment of the Irwell Management Catchment provides significant and sustained value to society. Highlighting the continuing need to reverse historic environmental decline, create a more inclusive society and prepare for new development and climate change, the report also shows where investment will enhance the ecosystem services provided and increase its natural capital.
2018 FebruaryNigel LawsonForum Chair Richard Scott recently attended the UN’s World Urban Forum (WUF9) At Kuala Lumpur event Richard has been able to commence the process for the UK Urban Ecology Forum to join the UN-Habitat Urban Network.
The Kuala Lumpur Declaration includes implementation of the UN Habitat III New Urban Agenda.
2018 FebruaryJoanne TippettTaking a RoundView of the Carbon Landscape.
2018 FebruaryPete FrostSustainable regeneration at Parc Peulwys. 'Putting the park into Peulwys', the former Peulwys housing estate. Community engagement underpinned work greatly improved the social, environmental and economic conditions of a problem estate. This meant that thanks to a single intervention which addresses environmental, economic and social problems at the same time most able people stayed in the area, crime and antisocial behaviour went down, and there's now a queue to get houses on the estate, rather than to move out.
Powerpoint presentation.
2017 November Nigel LawsonNews and updates from the Green Infrastructure Partnership
2017 November Sarah LindleyEKLIPSE. A EU-funded project that aims to develop a mechanism for supporting better informed decisions about our environment, based on the best available knowledge. This short video ;(4 minutes) explains the EKLIPSE process and you can find out more about their science-policy activities on the EKLIPSE website.

Tell them your views on how to improve the science-policy interface related to biodiversity and ecosystem services.
2017 November Nigel LawsonThe Lost Words
The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. A book combining meticulous wordcraft with exquisite illustrations deftly restores language describing the natural world.
2017 November Nigel LawsonBiophilic cities are cities of abundant nature in close proximity to large numbers of urbanites. Biophilic cities value residents innate connection and access to nature through abundant opportunities to be outside and to enjoy the multisensory aspects of nature by protecting and promoting nature within the city.
2017 November Peter ShirleyField Notes From a Hidden City, an Urban Nature Diary, Esther Woolfson.
2017 NovemberRichard ScottThe Nature of Cities. 90 urban books everyone should read (PDF, 1700KB).
2017 NovemberJudy Ling WongTravel writer Jini Reddy penned Wild Times: Extraordinary Experiences Connecting with Nature in Britain after an unexpected solo trek in the jungle transformed her fear into a new-found connection with nature, especially with the offbeat outdoor adventures close to home.
2017 SeptemberJohn BoxValuing Urban Trees’. “Put a price on urban trees – and halt this chainsaw massacre
2017 AugustJoanne TippettForum Member Joanne Tippett is helping re-imagine an industrial landscape.
The Carbon Landscape is creating a step-change in the way in which we approach communities and landscapes in Wigan, Salford and Warrington. Formed by Great Manchester Wetlands Partnership - a partnership of local authorities, NGOs, environmental charities and passionate local community groups, the Carbon Landscape is a forward-thinking initiative addressing real environmental and social issues funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.
There will be a launch event for the Carbon Landscape at the iconic Lancashire Coal Mining Museum on the 28th of September 2017. Dr. Joanne Tippett of the Urban Institute will explore innovative community engagement and the Round View project, which she is leading as part of the Carbon Landscape, with this invited audience of decision makers and key stakeholders from across Wigan, Salford and Warrington.
Joining forces for a sustainable future.
2017 AugustRichard ScottHow to Change Cities With Culture: 10 Tips Using UNESCO. by Svetlana Kondratyeva.